Never miss out while using your favorite games and apps. 

Currents is the first in-app social news service. Most social news apps are complicated, stand-alone apps that focus on hardcore newsies. Currents is a simple, channel-based social news service that brings news and content to everyone, anywhere, because it resides IN other apps.

Whether you have a break in gameplay, or a minute between videos, you can quickly scan the headlines that are most important to you, without leaving your current app. Need to focus on your game more? Simply swipe Currents into its unique compact mode… you still get to see who is posting, as well as key social info such as the number of likes and comments, in case anything piques your interest.

You can always tap a headline to read the full story, quickly browse around a site if you like, then close the article and resume your game, which was automatically paused for you. When you find an article you want to share, you can easily send it via email or your favorite social network.

Choose from about 50 channels, with hundreds of news and content sources feeding them. New channels are added all the time, and are can be added for special events, like the Oscars or the big game.

Now, you can even post your reaction to anything you read, or even to the game that you’re playing with the AppSelfie. Just press the camera icon on the side of Currents and show the world what you think of that latest headline by sharing it via text, email, or social network.

For Developers and Content Publishers

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