Zombies vs. Vampires

If you had to become some kind of undead, which kind would you choose? Vampire or Zombie? Well that’s easy. I’d be a vampire because they can fly, have a highly functioning brain and they look good in ascots and goth wear. Next question, if you had to fight some kind of undead, what kind would you choose? That’s easy too. I’d choose to fight a zombie. They move slower and don’t talk back although the constant moaning would be a bummer (but it’s better than vampire brooding which is totally annoying). Now, for the tie breaker: if you had to play a game about the undead, what kind would you choose? I’ll say zombie. And if you look at the App Store top sellers, you will see that most people agree with me on this one.

Just glancing over the top sellers, I saw 5 zombie apps and no vampire apps. And if you inspect the App Store even closer, you’ll find hundreds of zombie apps. And, these are completely different zombie applications. You have apps where you straight up kill zombies, you have zombie war apps, you have an app where plants are fighting against zombies, you have an app where you have to kill zombies to get to your pub and then you have an app you can zombie-fy your own photos. How cool is that?

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