If you had to become some kind of undead, which kind would you choose? Vampire or Zombie? Well that’s easy. I’d be a vampire because they can fly, have a highly functioning brain and they look good in ascots and goth wear. Next question, if you had to fight some kind of undead, what kind would you choose? That’s easy too. I’d choose to fight a zombie. They move slower and don’t talk back although the constant moaning would be a bummer (but it’s better than vampire brooding which is totally annoying). Now, for the tie breaker: if you had to play a game about the undead, what kind would you choose? I’ll say zombie. And if you look at the App Store top sellers, you will see that most people agree with me on this one.

Just glancing over the top sellers, I saw 5 zombie apps and no vampire apps. And if you inspect the App Store even closer, you’ll find hundreds of zombie apps. And, these are completely different zombie applications. You have apps where you straight up kill zombies, you have zombie war apps, you have an app where plants are fighting against zombies, you have an app where you have to kill zombies to get to your pub and then you have an app you can zombie-fy your own photos. How cool is that?

I think zombies are taking over main street America. In fact, that would make a great headline: How Should Government Save Main Street America: Killing Zombies or Bailing Out Banks? Or how about: Banks Run By Zombies, How Will Main Street Survive? Heck, those would make good apps! Ok, I digress, back to topic—lately there seems to be more and more zombie themed movies being released. There are also more zombie console games and there is even a greater amount of zombie literature. There are some fantastic books out there that I have read. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War reads like United Nations report on war survivors. The same author, Max Brooks (Mel Brooks’ son), also wrote The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead which reads like a DIY manual on how to survive a zombie apocalypse (good to keep around the house, you know, just in case). One of the most interesting books to come out recently is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith. Here you have the complete Jane Austen story with the complex relationship of Elizabeth and Darcy but with the undead roaming the countryside. It is a fantastic read. Now, zombie fun isn’t just for the arts. Google “Zombie Walk” and you’ll find that all over the globe, people will meet in city squares and walk around like zombies. Sounds like a blast. Last year, I joined the Facebook group called “The Hardest Part of Being in a Zombie Apocalypse Will Be Pretending I’m Not Excited. This page has 100,000K plus members. You may laugh, but trust me, when the zombie apocalypse comes, and it’s coming, you’ll be the one looking at this page for tips on how to win the war because you didn’t buy the Brooks DIY book.

So what is our fascination with Zombies and when did it start? With the Michael Jackson Thriller video? With George Romero? No, if you do some research on this you will find that zombies have been in folklore for quite some time and started gaining popularity in the early part of the 20th century. You see, zombies pretty much give the writer, director, and game developer a blank slate. Zombies are versatile in their story placement. They have had many incarnations over the last 100 years: Voodoo victims, undead space aliens, disease infected rage machines, pet zombies or just the traditional moaning, slowly moving, can only kill by destroying the brain kind of zombie. The list goes on and on.

But why do we love zombies? Who knows, but we do. All of us. Contrary to popular belief, the zombie genre is not only enjoyed by that male demographic from 18-49. The ladies are down with the zombies as well. Heck, I’m a 38 year old woman with 2 cats and I can’t get enough of zombies (and I hate Twilight—I feel that is important to let you know since you now have the knowledge that I’m a 38 year old woman with 2 cats). So do yourself a favor, check out some of the books I mentioned above. Check out some zombie apps. As for me, I’m going to continue fortifying my house against the impending zombie invasion and train my cats to attack at the head. I’m also going to continue pitching zombie games to our production team. One day, one day I say, they will stop denying me. Otherwise, I will refuse to garrison the office when the Z apocalypse is near. I hold grudges.