SANTA MONICA, California

Recently dubbed ‘Silicon Beach’ for its confluence of high tech companies in one of Los Angeles’ most well-known beaches, Santa Monica has been home to Mobile Deluxe since 2004 and represents more than just beautiful sunsets and swaying palm trees.  Due to its proximity to world-class universities like UCLA, USC, LMU, and Pepperdine, Mobile Deluxe has been able to draw exceptional talent to grow our family.  The history of the region has also played its part with much of our team having honed their expertise at local companies like JAMDAT, Electronic Arts, Activision, and Disney.  The synergies of these amazing people, creative games companies, and the natural beauty of Southern California have contributed to who we are today; but really it’s mostly just the nice weather. =)


Our office is full of drummers, artists, documentarians, and a professional sleeper; and we pride ourselves with giving our team the time and flexibility to pursue interests outside of developing apps.  Here are just a handful of the many perks we enjoy:

  1. To encourage fitness and a smaller carbon footprint, we financially reward those in our family who choose to not drive a car to work.
  2. Company holidays number more than even Google! Parents get to hang with their kids on Columbus Day, and somewhere Christopher stands to applaud.
  3. Every full-time employee (and his/her family) enjoys full health insurance covered entirely by Mobile Deluxe.
  4. We’re dog friendly!  Mika (who happens to be our professional sleeper) makes sure everyone pets her for a few minutes upon their arrival.
  5. Our rec room probably has the highest rent per square foot ping pong table in Santa Monica [we needed an outlet to settle disputes].
  6. And, we have the only outdoor conference room overlooking the Third Street Promenade in the world!


Mobile Deluxe has made helping the environment fun and simple. By playing Sudoku Deluxe® Green Edition, you earn points that unlock donations to Trees for the Future. This donation will plant trees where they are needed most on our wonderful planet.

You can help us reach our goal of planting 25,000 new trees around the world. Together, we can form a more sustainable and healthy environment for ourselves and future generations.  Visit to learn how you can plant your own tree by playing Sudoku Deluxe® Green Edition. Play a Game, Plant a Tree.

Mobile Deluxe has joined the fight against breast cancer and we need your help. By playing Bliss HD+, you can contribute towards our goal of donating $10,000 to the Beautiful Day Foundation. We’ve already donated $7,500 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Build points and earn ribbons as you play Bliss and Mobile Deluxe will donate $0.20 to the Beautiful Day Foundation for every ribbon code submitted. Visit to learn more about this fun and relaxing game and how you can have the extraordinary opportunity to bring awareness for breast cancer. Play Well, Do Good.