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Random ramblings by the Mobile Deluxe team.

At Mobile Deluxe, I Specialize In Awesome

Hi! Sean here. I am the Mobile Deluxe Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst and I specialize in AWESOME! As I write this entry, I am starting my third year with Mobile Deluxe. However, I have been working in QA for a

Mobile Deluxe Banter: When Nerds Collide

This is an example of the important matters that are discussed daily at Mobile Deluxe. This email started out as an invitation to a basketball game, went through some variations and ended in an all-out nerd war. I love my

Nintendo 3DS booth on Santa Monica Third Street Promenade

During the course of building and selling casual games here at Mobile Deluxe, we’re entertained by all manners of stimuli taken in from our balcony overlooking Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. Whether it’s a folk singer covering Joni Mitchell’s “River”,

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Zombies vs. Vampires

If you had to become some kind of undead, which kind would you choose? Vampire or Zombie? Well that’s easy. I’d be a vampire because they can fly, have a highly functioning brain and they look good in ascots and

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