As the seasons (finally) change to the one we’ve all been longing for, there are many things we can look forward to with summer’s arrival – the barbeques, the baseball, the beach, the fireworks – one thing you probably didn’t expect but will certainly welcome a few exciting changes at Mobile Deluxe.

We love each of our players, so it is our mission to do more to engage with you. That’s why we’re trying to foster social communities where our players can connect with one another, share your scores, discuss strategies, give your feedback to our team – and even trash talk about your winnings.

To make this happen, we’ll be unveiling Big Win Slots’ own Facebook and Twitter pages, in addition to our existing Mobile Deluxe and Solitaire Deluxe respective pages. We’ll be sharing the latest company news, industry news and events, and embarrassing photos of our CEO (shhh!) on our Mobile Deluxe pages.

To get updates on your favorite Mobile Deluxe games, you can visit the Solitaire Deluxe and Big Win Slots pages for up-to-date info, including game news, viral videos, tips and yes, GIVEAWAYS – after all, we know the way to your hearts (and Likes) are free coins.

Make sure to regularly visit our Mobile Deluxe as well. We’ll be sharing upcoming company announcements, insights from our team, and maybe even super exclusive information about upcoming GIVEAWAYS! From these social media enhancements to new product releases, we can ensure you Mobile Deluxe is going to bring you a fun summer. (The pool parties will probably help too.)12 Predictions for 2012