Big Win Blackjack version 1.4.0 introduced “Sponsored Casinos.”  The first of these advertisement-supported casinos is the “Riverboat” casino.  If you find yourself low on chips, or just want to practice playing basic Blackjack, the Riverboat is a great place to start.

Why? Because each time the cards are shuffled, the dealer slides 25 chips across the table to you – a reward for watching a brief, full-screen advertisement.  Cha-ching! This is a substantial bonus that puts the edge solidly on the player’s side. No way will you see that in Las Vegas!

Here’s an example: As a test case, I played as many hands as I could in fifteen minutes, betting the maximum 5 chips each hand.  In that time, I played forty hands total. Even with the advertisements, that’s at least twice as many hands as you could play at a three person table in Vegas. On betting alone, I managed to make 12 chips.  I’m happy to be ahead, but that’s hardly something to write home about! But in the meantime, the dealer shuffled five times, each time forking over 25 chips. So in fifteen minutes, I’d actually earned 137 chips that I can use anywhere in the game. That’s pretty worthwhile!

Now that you know what a great deal the Riverboat is, you might ask “Why play anywhere else?” Because there’s a whole lot more to this game than playing basic Blackjack.  Big Win Blackjack is about traveling the world and playing at high-roller tables. And the greatest challenge (and biggest rewards) can be found in the Blackjack tournaments, where players compete with each other to grab the big win. So build up your bankroll playing on the Riverboat, then take those chips on the road!