Hi! Sean here. I am the Mobile Deluxe Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst and I specialize in AWESOME!

As I write this entry, I am starting my third year with Mobile Deluxe. However, I have been working in QA for a total of seven years now and each year has been more fun than the last. I’m a HUGE gamer outside of work. So, being able to do my job which is playing video games for the majority of the day, makes my job awesome, which is why I can say, “I specialize in AWESOME!”

My job at Mobile Deluxe has many duties. My main duty as a QA Analyst is to gather as much information about the design of an application from those producing it. I compile that information and distribute it among other members of QA: the manager and testers. Next, I compose what is called a ‘Test Plan’. The test plan is a checklist of questions that ask if the application matches the design, as well as adhere to the standards of the company. Afterwards, I switch roles to that of a ‘Lead Tester’, which performs all of the duties that a tester would perform (i.e., following the test plan, finding/reporting bugs), plus coordinates test efforts. I do all of this while keeping my eyes and ears open for any design changes. These changes usually happen several times throughout the life of a project. There’s a lot of multi-tasking going on here but you remember what I said about specializing in AWESOME.

I know that from what I’ve explained so far, my job seems mostly reconnaissance and organization, but those are only a small part. My job, as a whole, is to help make sure that our players get a clean, easy-to-use, and above all, fun game. If my team and I are not having fun testing the game, it’s pretty certain that our players are not going to have fun playing it! So, we are going to bug up anything and everything that gets in the way of that fun…and that’s AWESOME!

I feel fortunate to have such a great job, because not only is it an important, integral role, I get to have fun while performing it. How cool is that? It also helps to be working with some incredible people that keep the work environment pleasant and fun to be in. Well, that’s it! If you’ll excuse me, there’s more AWESOME for me to attend to.