Amazon just announced their In-App Purchasing (IAP) service and called out Mobile Deluxe as an early partner in implementation for the Amazon Appstore.  We’re mega-excited when this goes live since we’ve done exceptionally well with our other IAP-supported games on (ahem!) Apple’s App Store and Google Play (formerly known as Android Market).  And if we’re to believe Flurry’s stats on revenue per user by platform, it’s abundantly clear that our games need to be on all 3 platforms (especially since our games refute Flurry’s findings about lack of performance with Google Play).  Expectations of success are even higher since Amazon contributed to our highest single-day downloads for Solitaire Deluxe when it was featured as their Free App of the Day.

I’m personally a huge fan (and an Amazon Prime evangelist), and have long-praised their ability to merchandise the hell out of their partners’ products [if you haven’t seen their seamless promo spots in their Instant Video, you’re missing out on some bitchin’ salesmanship].  Multiply this core competency with an ever-expanding user base of Kindle Fires, and you get an equation of over 10 million tablet users who are 1-Click away from buying something as soon as they fall in love with your app.  In our case, we hope those folks fall in love with Big Win Slots and Big Win Blackjack!