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Edmond and Shadi are the superheroes that make up our best-in-class support team! They recently reached celebrity status and leave the office incognito to avoid the paparazzi. What the most common question they receive? While it’s “what’s my password?!” Once again, they saved the day.
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Should I register an email address?

A: We recommend that you register an email address. Registering an email address will make it easy to retrieve your user information. This information comes in handy when you replace your device or when you upgrade to a new device and have to reinstall a Mobile Deluxe game.

Should I register a username?

A: We recommend that you register a username to ensure your downloaded and purchased items are saved. If you need to re-install a Mobile Deluxe game, just sign back in as an Existing User with your registered username and your downloaded and purchased items will be retrieved.

I did not register an email address but I remember my username. How can I retrieve my password?

A: Please contact with your username and we’ll retrieve your password.