Find Your Facebook User ID

A: To find your Facebook User ID: Go to the Facebook Solitaire game page: Click the 4th red long rectangular box on the far right marked “Help.” Note: Do not click the yellow box on the very bottom of

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I am low on Rewards Credits and am having a hard time earning more. How can I get more Rewards Credits?

A: Giveaways and contest are held on our Facebook and Twitter and the prizes are Free Rewards Credits. If you ever want to earn some free Rewards Credits between gameplay, check out our Solitaire Deluxe Facebook page or follow us

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What are Rewards Credits?

A: Rewards Credits are earned during gameplay. You can use the earned Rewards Credits to download items from the Rewards Store. You can also use Rewards Credits among all Mobile Deluxe games, as long as you use the same username

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Should I register an email address?

A: We recommend that you register an email address. Registering an email address will make it easy to retrieve your user information. This information comes in handy when you replace your device or when you upgrade to a new device

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Should I register a username?

A: We recommend that you register a username to ensure your downloaded and purchased items are saved. If you need to re-install a Mobile Deluxe game, just sign back in as an Existing User with your registered username and your

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I did not register an email address but I remember my username. How can I retrieve my password?

A: Please contact with your username and we’ll retrieve your password.

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I registered an email address with my user information but cannot remember my username or password. How can I retrieve my user information?

A: Select the “Retrieve Password” button on the Support page to retrieve your password. If you’re not able to locate your username through the “Retrieve Password” screen, please contact

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What is an Application Update?

A: Application Updates are update items provided for all customers. Each game has its own set of update items. For example, Solitaire Deluxe application update items are Backgrounds and Cardbacks, Tournament Blackjack update items are Card Decks, Casinos, and free

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What do I do if get a “Not Compatible” error message when trying to download Big Win Slots on my Android Tablet device?

A: If you are using the “Stretch to fill screen” feature on your Tablet, this will cause the “Not Compatible” error to appear. If you are receiving this error and you do not have “Stretch to fill screen” enabled, please

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What do I do if Big Win Slots will not install on my Android device?

A: If you get an error when trying to install Big Win Slots, restart your Android device then launch try installing Big Win Slots before launching any other applications manually. If you continue having trouble installing Solitaire Deluxe, please contact

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