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Edmond and Shadi are the superheroes that make up our best-in-class support team! They recently reached celebrity status and leave the office incognito to avoid the paparazzi. What the most common question they receive? While it’s “what’s my password?!” Once again, they saved the day.
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Find Your Facebook User ID

A: To find your Facebook User ID:

  1. Go to the Facebook Solitaire game page:
  2. Click the 4th red long rectangular box on the far right marked “Help.” Note: Do not click the yellow box on the very bottom of the page that says “HELP.”
  3. At the bottom of this new page, you will see your Facebook User ID in a white font

I am low on Rewards Credits and am having a hard time earning more. How can I get more Rewards Credits?

A: Giveaways and contest are held on our Facebook and Twitter and the prizes are Free Rewards Credits. If you ever want to earn some free Rewards Credits between gameplay, check out our Solitaire Deluxe Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @mobiledeluxe.

What are Rewards Credits?

A: Rewards Credits are earned during gameplay. You can use the earned Rewards Credits to download items from the Rewards Store. You can also use Rewards Credits among all Mobile Deluxe games, as long as you use the same username for each game. In Big Win Slots, Rewards Credits are called VIP Credits.